A compelling wedding documentary without posing

Seriously, without posing?

How many times have you looked at your wedding photos
And what do you see?
The same posed adjustments of the wedding dress,
The same showcasing of the rings,
The same cake and sweet kisses…
How much can you take?
If you’re looking for something different, I have something for you:

A wedding documentary without unnecessary posing

only genuine emotions

mocny reportaz bez pozowania dawid zielinski 0001
  • you don’t pose, you just enjoy each other
  • these will be your photos, not another copy
  • i don’t interfere in this day, I just observe it.

a coherent and engaging stor

mocny reportaz bez pozowania dawid zielinski 0002
  • connecting frames to create the story of this day
  • frames that surprise and bring a smile
  • you’ll see what you missed on that day

diverse photographs

mocny reportaz bez pozowania dawid zielinski 0003
  • powerful shots without sugarcoating
  • spontaneous, moving photos
  • a slightly different approach to wedding photography

For whom is my documentary?

If you have a sense of distance from the ordinary and are seeking something unique in wedding photos, I’m here to help! I don’t replicate clichés – I seek out unique moments, often those less obvious!
See it for yourselves.

And if…

…if my approach to wedding photography has convinced you, then…

send an inquiry

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If, however, you prefer to do it via email, here’s the contact:

More photos?

Below, I have more shots for you to get a closer look at my photography style. No posing – just a pure documentary featuring both the powerful frames and the more subtle ones. The right balance will give you an intriguing journalistic story of your day.
My entire website is in Polish. However, if you’d like to see the full photo materials, please get in touch. I also communicate in English, so I’d be happy to talk to you about our potential collaboration
Check it out.

What do you think?

If you’ve found what you see here interesting enough to send an inquiry, go ahead. I’ll be happy to respond and assist. Below, I’m leaving a button to the contact form. And if you want to see more, a bit further down, I’m redirecting you to sample wedding documentary, engagement sessions, and more blog posts!
However, please remember that the rest of the content is in Polish, but photos… photos have an international language. You don’t need to know the language there, so if you want, just keep exploring how your wedding documentary could look!